It’s easy to forget what happened a week ago, never mind six or seven months ago, but looking back, 2017 has been a bountiful 12 months for PC games. In our Game of the entire year awards we’re celebrating the stand out games that defined the year for us, but there are numerous more greats to look back again on. Here are the games PC Gamer’s writers and writers loved most this year.

Uurnog Uurnlimited

“By designing solutions with the save room in mind, Uurnog achieves so much more than the usual insert-puzzle-here malarky. Switches, lasers and time imitations can’t take on a personalized toolkit and near-limitless interdimensional storage. It’s totally hands off but it successfully educates you to think in another way, which is the draw of any good problem game. ”

Verdict: Entirely unique and deceptively penalising, Uurnog Uurnlimited is as clever since it is creative.

Back in 99, Outcast was arguably as near the PC’s answer to Legend of Zelda as we’ve ever seen. Effortlessly charismatic. A huge open world that asked free exploration. The latest in graphics technology, at a time when something as easy as waves in water was a sight to behold and huge sprawling worlds were not simply majestic, but overall magic. For the five people who could run it, it was a memorable, glorious adventure.

Seventeen years later, it’s a little clunkier than remembered. The good news is that the wonder still remains. ”

Verdict: A fine remake of a game that deserves to be played as much as it gets fondly appreciated.

NetherRealm’s deliberate, heavy-feeling fight isn’t the best in the genre, but it fits this kind of game perfectly. They sure know how to make an accessible, fun struggling game with lots to do, no matter your skill level. ”

Judgement: A great port of a brilliant fighter with a staggering amount of content beyond multiplayer brawling.