With every passing day, internet is rolling out a plethora of innovations. And, when it’s about PHP framework s, you must be ready to welcome innovation on a frequent basis. Being the most popular server-side program language till date, any advancement in the PHP frameworks are acceptable by developers wholeheartedly. So, here we have put together the new and amazing PHP frameworks that are going to rule 2018 while offering the developers the ability to build more complex, well-rounded as well as secured web applications faster than ever before. PHP frameworks are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes and cater to different levels of experience, hosting capabilities, application needs and development time-frames.

Let’s take a look at the PHP frameworks that are going to rule the market this year.

  1. Laravel

The recent analysis of Google Trends, reveal that Laravel framework tops the PHP frameworks list to stay at the top in 2018. Since 2015’s, various surveys have revealed that Laravel framework has an outstanding documentation, exclusive features and a great support community. Such a combination certainly makes Laravel a clear winner in the list of PHP frameworks. Since the launch of Laravel 5.5 framework, there’s a noticeable surge in the Laravel search results across the globe, as perceived by Google trends.

Laravel Framework facilitates many specific packages such the Artisan, eloquent ORM, Blade Templating Engine, PHP Unit, Middleware for Unit Testing, RESTful controllers & being the first one to introduce routing in an abstract way. The biggest advantage of Laravel is certainly its agile handling of NoSQL structures. The flexibility and ease-of-use have made Laravel, a developers’ favourite.

So, if you are having plans to work on PHP, it’s important that your learn Larval Framework in your web development course.


Over the past 11 years, this framework has been making headlines due to its excellent use of resources, simplicity, convenience, and convenient documentation intended for the developers of any level. The flexibility, ease of use and the absence of restrictions have made it the developers’ favourite. Here’s what have made Codelgniter a topper.

  • The support community of CodeIgniter Reactor include modules, libraries, templates, and documentation.
  • Robust templates that work in sync with databases
  • The possibility of caching on the server side
  • The facility of using the package manager for quick connection of the libraries from the command line


3. Symfony

If you are looking for a high performance, stable, well documented and modular framework, Symfony is surely the one for you. It’s a fantastic framework which is being developed and backed by French SensioLabs. The most exciting attributes of Symfony are here.

  • Instead of blindly following MVC rules, Symfony defines MVC.
  • When you are working with Symfony it’s much easier to catch errors and write high-quality code
  • Today, Symfony is the leading PHP framework to create websites and web applications
  • Laravel also uses Symfony


Symfony has been created with a professional approach by keeping the designers’ needs in mind. With extensive documentation, its community is vast.