The idea of creating an ambiance with LED candles is nothing new. From basic to bold, from dimmed to dramatic, the LED candles can actually do wonders to notch a perfect romantic aura in your living space. No matter what, lighting is a key player of the entire decor plan that you have adopted to create a romantic aura. Aptly designed to be fitted in the chandeliers, the LED candles emit pleasing light effect and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space where it is installed. Check out these 5 ways LED candles can amp up the romance in any space.


  1. Creating a Pensive Mood for a Romantic Dinner

LED candles can offer the perfect solution, if you are planning to make some romantic decoration right inside your living space. Design a cosy corner of your house or the wide open balcony with a medium sized chandelier & LED candles hanging from the top. You can also opt for romantic-inspired table settings by placing the chandeliers properly. Chandeliers fitted with LED candles are the perfect way to set the romantic mood without being overpowering.

  1. Decorating the Balcony

Decorating your outdoors demands several considerations. More so, because it is the exterior of your living space and with a proper decoration, you can jazz up your space quite efficiently. If a light decoration is on your mind, invest in some hanging lanterns and install LED candles in it. Such kind of decoration is extremely chic and creates the perfect romantic ambiance to spend a beautiful evening.

  1. Creating a Decor Statement in the Entrance

A great place for first impressions, the entrance way is certainly a place to make a style statement. Depending on how big your entrance hall is, you can opt for oversized light fixtures and chandeliers certainly make a really popular choice. To pep up the decor drama, place the chandelier centrally, so that it is visible from all sides. Ensure the LED candles inside the fixture emit a warming glow.

  1. Crafting out a Wonderful Dining

One of the romantic corners of your house is your dining room. It not only makes your meal times memorable but also gives you a cosy space to share some romantic time with your partner. With proper lighting arrangement you can achieve a perfect decor statement in this space. To amp up the decoration install a linear chandelier centrally and surround it with multiple side by side pendants running the length of the table.

  1. Designing a Quiet & Calming Bedroom

In order to set the perfect ambiance of rest, romance & relaxation, LED candles are ideal option for your bedroom. Make sure that the placement of your light are perfect and it should not be exactly over the bed. While creating your own little sanctuary in the bedroom, your personal style & preference should come into play.

Whether you want to create a full-fledged light decor or just want to amp up a cosy corner to notch a perfect romantic aura, appropriate placement of LED lights is the key to successful accomplishment of your decor goals.